Influencers & Celebrity Status

For Many Of Us, Celebrities are Our Personal Heroes but defining celebrities means recognizing genius from their heart to the makeup they wear. When see celebrities in action always recognize the magic that goes into their looking so perfect. Not only do they look so good on the screen, but they have the personality to match.


We all love celebrities from around the world because they add glitz and glamour to our lives. Who doesn’t watch celebrities like Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson? These celebrities are well known for their incredible beauty as well as their memorable personalities. They are not just skin deep they are made out of luck as well. They get to be famous overnight with their amazing breakthroughs in the industry and that is because they worked hard and smart.

The term “celebrity” itself brings with it a sense of awe. A celebrity is a person who has achieved celebrity status. In order to achieve celebrity status celebrities must perform and act in an exceptional manner for at least three years. Once a celebrity achieves the celeb status, this person becomes a brand and a commodity. Brands like McDonald’s, Ford, Apple Computers, and Sony are celebrities. A celebrity is one who is perceived as an icon of their particular field.

Celebrities can break through barriers and sometimes the barriers are down to pure coincidence. For example, in 2021, two celebrities who were long assumed to be dead suddenly were found alive. In 2021, the world was curious as to what had happened to these celebrities. In 2021, a new wave of celebrities were born as Kimye Roofie and Chris Crocker. They broke new ground as celebrities and they continue to break ground as celebrities in every area of entertainment today.

There are many ways for celebrities to achieve the level of fame necessary to gain social media influence. One way is to actually star in a reality show that showcases the lives of other celebrities. For example, on E! or MTV celebrity shows, celebrities will have to endure a camera and be exposed to thousands of strangers in order to win fans.

The concept of fame as a whole is very interesting. Celebrities are viewed by the general public as being apart of the public and even a legend. Fame allows them to feel like they are a part of something larger than themselves and to create phenomena like Taylor Swift’s or Jennifer Lopez’s music video. Fame is important to celebrities because it allows them to feel like they are important. This feeling of importance propels a person to achieve success in their career and also enables the person to feel like they have changed the world for the better.