Social Media Tracking Trends for Celebrities

Celebrities are those who have become immensely popular through the wide spread popularity of their chosen career or their stage performances. A celebrity is someone who becomes famous due to the wide network of the media. In this context, it is the media that amplifies a star into a supermodel, into a loved one, into a movie star, into a political figure, into a business leader, etc. Each celebrity, like Brangelina, Spears, Obama, Mayweather, Jobs, Parkinson, Trump, all has been in some ways or the other famous worldwide through the medium of the media. There are many more.


Celebrities may be categorized into several types. In broad terms, actors and actresses are those who are famous for their performances in the film or television industry, whereas musicians are those who may be famous for their album sales, their contributions to the music industry, or for their concerts. Then there are the politicians that may be famous globally, but they are less popular in their own countries, or in their specific states or districts. In this light, celebrities can also be categorized into various types of people, as in the case of Obama, who became an icon of hope for the US when he took his oath as the first black president of the USA.

But in the contemporary world today, where the concept of celebrity has changed, it is the film and the television production which often become the source through which celebrities are perceived to the largest extent. Film stars are those who are famous for their films. They may be famous because of their films’ success, or for some other reason. In this context, it is worth noting that a major number of Hollywood celebrities have made their homes in Hollywood, which is the biggest town of California. Film actors and actresses include Whoopi Goldberg, Whoopi Jackson, Paris Hilton, Goldie Hawn, Mickey Rourke, Jennifer Aniston, Mariah Carey, Drew Barrymore, and most of the above. Then there are the sports stars, for whom celebrity status is almost synonymous, such as WWE wrestlers A-Train and Billy Gunn, rapper Lil Wayne, supermodel Christy Turlington, and several others.

But in comparison with the media, which is largely dominated by the entertainment industry, and the film industry, celebrities in Hollywood tend to enjoy a higher level of popularity in comparison. This is perhaps because the media is a reflection of the social life of the people in Hollywood, while the actors and actresses enjoy a rarefied and isolated existence, away from the madding crowd of the streets. But still, the existence of celebrities in hollywood is quite a prominent feature of the industry, and no small wonder, either.

It is interesting to note that in the recent past, the media has given more prominence to the lives of celebrities, and less to those of public persons. Till recently, only the stars of the film industry were the celebrities, while the actors and actresses were largely neglected. The press hardly paid any attention to their lives. Now, however, with the arrival of cable TV channels on which celebrities are available for viewing, the public is able to know more about their lives than ever before. They are able to analyze their performances, judge their personality, and decide if they should be following their lead. Celebrities have also found themselves with better representation in the market, with some being allowed to enter into the national limelight through well-known promoters.

Celebrities who are active on the social media platform have definitely noticed the changing tastes of their fans, and are quick to react to their comments. Instinctively, these celebrities try to go viral in their efforts to increase their popularity, and as such they indulge in the most common practice of sending out links to their latest photos and videos to their fans. But as the internet continues to become more popular, this has now become a common practice for many celebrities, and is no longer something unique to celebrities alone. Even Bollywood actors and actresses are getting in on the craze, with singer Aishwarya Rai posting pictures and videos on her Instagram account. With Hollywood being the big spenders when it comes to fashion and image, you can bet your social media dollars that you will see your favourite Hollywood actor or actress, at the top of the next social media related story!